Childhood Imprints

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain situations in a particular way? It’s because of the powerful imprints from our childhood that shape our subconscious mind. These imprints, if left unaddressed, can continue to create reactions within us throughout our lives. Imprints are deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that we acquire during our…

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Author Showcase – State Library of NSW

It was truly an honour to have been invited to share my recently published book at the Speaker Showcase in Sydney’s prestigious State Library of NSW. This event provided a platform for me to connect with an audience who appreciates personal stories of triumph and transformation. My memoir delves into my own journey, highlighting the…

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Acceptance of EFT is coming!

Tapping points to clear anxiety, ADHD, PTSD. Using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is going through the last stages of acceptance right now says Associate Professor Peta Stapleton, Bond University Australia. EFT has previously met the criteria for evidence-based research (according to the APA) – it is currently being updated against the new criteria (in 2022) by Associate Professor Peta Stapleton. Some key milestones include: The research…

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All Things Are Possible

My why has been about serving others. I felt I “should do” the honourable thing and serve…

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New Beginnings

Most people think of a new beginning as moving house or ending one relationship and starting another or the loss of someone in your life.

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That PANIC that rises in you! What causes it? It makes our heart race a hundred miles an hour. Feels like you are paralysed in your tracks. Any common sense goes out the window, you can’t think straight. It totally consumes you. How many times have you reacted to a situation due to a phobia?…

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