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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or known as tapping, is an alternative modality to rewire the brain and calm the nervous system. Energy flows through our body along pathways called meridians. Stimulation of these meridians via the acupuncture points disperses the negative energy in the body that becomes blocked by physical and emotional trauma and life experiences.

EFT helps to restore balance to the body’s energy and clears the negative emotions and physical symptoms from the energy disruption. Think of an incident, person or item that triggers something from your past. Does it bring up emotions or memories? If these are negative or harmful, tapping can help you clear those underlying events and feelings that cause you pain.

With tapping we explore where those imprints stem from in your subconscious mind in a safe and supportive way. By showing you how to tap effectively, you can eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

"Did you know negative emotions can be cleared through EFT?"
"Did you know negative emotions can be cleared through EFT?"

Where did EFT originate?


Where did EFT originate?

In the 1980’s Dr. Roger Callahan was working with a patient who had an intense water phobia. He worked with her for 18 months with very little change. He stepped outside the normal “boundaries” of psychotherapy.

Out of curiosity, he had been studying the body’s energy system. What he found was that by tapping on several acupuncture points, the water phobia disappeared.

The Science Behind EFT

In the 1990s, EFT was developed by Gary Craig, based on his study of work by Dr Roger Callahan in Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT was one of the first methods in what is now known as Energy Psychology. As Craig realized the potential of this approach, he worked to refine and simplify the techniques while maintaining positive, measurable results: an evidence-based methodology. He ultimately developed a simple yet very profound set of techniques and made these available to his supporters.

Since Craig’s website was first published, EFT has continued to undergo testing and refinement by many individuals and groups. The results, supporting Craig’s original findings, have been published in highly respected, peer-reviewed journals. Associations such as EFT International, EFT Universe, and others have developed EFT training and certification options for those interested in pursuing the use of this amazing tool:
Emotional Freedom Techniques: The Art of Managing Stress Through EFT Tapping

Gary Craig is a Stanford engineering graduate, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and trained in other forms of Energy Psychology. Google Books

The Science Behind EFT


Scientific and evidence-based trials


Scientific and evidence-based trials

The scientific evidence is mounting to support EFT as a viable alternative for:

  • clearing childhood issues
  • trauma/ PTSD/ phobias
  • addictions/ cravings
  • accidents/ pain/ injuries/ illness
  • blocks to success/ clarity
  • fear/ doubt
  • anxiety/ depression /stress

The scientific research is growing everyday from:

  • The Harvard Medical school
  • Gary Craig – founder of EFT, author
  • Dr Dawson Church

There is relief with EFT

Do you suffer from any of the above, or have flashbacks to past events caused by trauma or triggers in your everyday life, or feel there are blocks to your success, we can help. 

Matrix Reimprinting

“There is a way of healing your younger self in a loving caring and supportive way.”

We all have events in our early life that have impacted our lives. We don’t have to come from an abusive background to have issues.

Childhood incidents of bullying. hurtful words from friends, teachers or parents, may still have an impact on you today. If you feel there are things causing you to react in a way you don’t understand, we can explore the root cause and work through a way forward.

Matrix Reimprinting


“If we face our fears and resolve our Limiting Beliefs, we can change our life.”

Self-limiting beliefs can hold us back from having a brighter and fulfilling life. Don’t you deserve that?

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that connects people with their past traumas and core beliefs in a safe and supportive platform to enable people to transform their lives.

Karl Dawson states, “It’s like being in a play”.

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, and our thoughts provide the fuel for our emotional reactions which shape our reality. When we change that belief, we can change our future.

“EFT offers great healing benefits” - Deepak Chopra MD

Scientific Evidence and Clinical Trials:

Evidence to support this alternative modality. 

The Science of Tapping: The Current State of Scientific Evidence – an updated summary of Scientific Published Studies, April 2021.

The Bond University replicated the landmark cortisol study, conducted by Dr. Dawson Church in 2012 with great success and in 2020 their findings were published by the APA (American Psychological Association).

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

Book a session with Turning Point 4 U and change your life… you deserve it!

EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Tapping and Life Skills

“As a qualified Practitioner, Tracey Walker combines EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, to suit on specific issues.”

Daycare/ Schools/ TAFE/ Universities

Tapping is a stress reduction technique and helps with concentration and problem-solving ability. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority Australia (ACARA) has a criterion of “Recognise Emotions”.

Tapping in the classroom is proven to help calm students and teachers so they can all focus effectively and achieve better learning outcomes. Teachers can address the criteria, by using tapping in their classroom. 

As an educator and former teacher, Tracey is passionate about supporting teachers and students to create better working and learning environments, to ensure success for all parties. 


“Often, students and teachers have their own barriers from past experiences which have nothing to do with what is happening in the classroom.”

Tracey has experience in seeing stress in the classroom. This is where tapping can support students and teachers to calm the situation. Tracey has used this technique to help her son, with severe ADHD, and his teachers cope with his disability. By teaching her son techniques to counter the anxiety and negative emotions he was experiencing, he could calm down during stressful situations.

Are you interested in learning these techniques to help students and or teachers?

Tracey’s Past Student’s success story

Tracey loves seeing people’s faces when they “get it”. Their mind is now opened to doing things differently. It takes her back to her teaching days, working with students to reach their potential.  She enjoys exploring new possibilities with people and sharing their euphoria when they achieve success.

As a relief teacher, I was often called upon to teach a variety of subjects. One day I had a student in a maths class who was struggling and didn’t understand aspects of the work. “I don’t get it, and my teacher knows this, so I don’t have to do it”, said Johnny.

Although I am not a maths teacher, I could still help Johnny learn.  I knew Johnny could do it. I asked Johnny if he was willing to work with me. At first, he hesitated but then said yes.

I explained the listening technique to Johnny and left him to try with his buddy. Ten minutes later, Johnny was so excited, “I got it!”, he yelled. He was overjoyed. All year, Johnny had struggled, and now he understood. Johnny has learnt to use the listening technique. He now has a valuable tool to help him learn, for the rest of his life.


I empower people with the skills to help themselves to learn in a totally different way. We all have the potential to learn, if we are open and willing to do things in a different way. You, your students, and staff can learn this simple technique to learn differently.

happy male teenager

Life Mastery Workshops & Presentations

“Powerful Connections Between Mind and Body.”


If you need help with specific issues for yourself or your organisation, Tracey can design a program tailored for your needs, whether it’s a 20-minute presentation or a three-hour workshop. 

Through an effective technique of “time travelling”, Tracey helps people to step into a life they would love living, by imagining themselves in the future. With a clear vision of what they would like their life to be, people can start to work towards achieving this now.  

In the workshops, Tracey explores the main stumbling blocks preventing us from achieving success. Having faced so many obstacles in her own life, Tracey can empathise with others and show how she has overcome challenges.

Some of the topics may include:

  • Vision board workshops
  • Tapping (EFT)
  • My book
  • Grief and Loss
  • Domestic Violence
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Resilience
  • Determination to succeed

Tracey Walker is available for presentations and workshops to schools, community groups and business groups.

Let’s chat about what you need.


Client Testimonials

“The only limitations are ones we put on ourselves." -Ita Buttrose


  • What is EFT?

    EFT is a modality that clears the negative energy by tapping on acupuncture points.

  • Can I tap on myself?


  • Why do I need to work with a practitioner?

    A practitioner can help you explore thoughts and feelings that you may not be aware of as you are coming from your conscious thinking, and we tap into your subconscious mind.

  • What are the types of things you can tap on?

    You can tap on anything that comes up. If you have had a stressful day you can tap on the stress.

  • What is Matrix Reimprinting?

    Matrix Reimprinting is going to a deeper level into your subconscious imprints that come from your life experiences that are still impacting your life. Stepping into the Matrix and clearing those events and reimprinting a better outcome for you smaller self.

  • What kind of issues can Matrix Reimprinting deal with?

    Matrix helps to identify events and self-limiting beliefs that still impact our adult life.  The more we learn about Matrix Reimprinting, we’re finding it is clearing issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, childhood trauma, allergies, and much more. 

  • What are the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting?

    Key benefits include the ability to heal and move past childhood issues or trauma. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of your triggers and self limiting beliefs impacting your everyday life. You’ll find freedom to pursue a happier and healthier future without fear of the past.

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