Break the Cycle of what you were born into and transform your life.

The Cards I Was Dealt That TRANSFORMED My Life

Written by author Tracey Walker
An inspiring story of a woman’s many challenges
throughout life.


When the Cards are Stacked Against You

Millions of people live with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, but there is a way out.

My book, “The Cards I was Dealt that Transformed my Life”, is my journey of self-discovery and how I took back control of my life and the outcomes from the environment I was born into that impacted my decisions for years.

Do you doubt yourself?
Do you give in to what others want over your own needs?
Stuck feeling there is no way out?
Easier to give in and give up?

Then this book is for you. Don’t give up hope, get your copy today.

When the Cards are Stacked Against You


The Solution

You are in control when you choose. Remember, you are in control of your future. No matter what life has thrown at you, you have the power to take back control.

“The Cards I was Dealt that Transformed my Life”, is a self-reflective book that can help you break the cycle you have found yourself in to transform it into something amazing.

You have the power!

Let It Begin With You!

The Cards I Was Dealt That TRANSFORMED My Life

$9.99 eBook
$29.99 Hard Cover


Preface extract:

What a wild ride my life has been.

When I say ‘wild’, I don’t necessarily mean it in the crazy and exciting sense but more in the sense it has been storm-like in its unpredictability. My life has not been smooth sailing. In fact, when I look back on everything I’ve been through, it is almost like watching a series of lives, loosely connected like slightly disjointed chapters in a novel.


Tracey’s Story


Tracey’s Story

“In the early days, I was faced with one struggle after another. I felt “this is my life” and I had to just deal with it. I defaulted to what I knew.

This was my thinking until I found a different approach to take. It transformed my life forever.

Changing my perception and how I viewed things sounded so simple.
It wasn’t!

I had to completely change everything I knew about myself. One step at a time, I learned who I was as a person and what I wanted out of life, instead of what everyone else wanted for me.

To truly transform my life, I knew I needed to take the drastic steps that would get me to a place I had only dreamed of.”

Tracey Walker’s Credentials:

1999 Bachelor of Education
2014 Marriage Celebrant
2019 Certified DreamBuilder Coach
2020 Certified Life Mastery Consultant
2021 Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner
2021 Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

The Cards I Was Dealt With

Let It Begin with You!

Take this journey with me and create your own
awareness along the way.

The Cards I Was Dealt That

$9.99 eBook
$29.99 Hard Cover


Why This Book?

“The Cards I Was Dealt That Transformed My Life” will help you to reflect on your own life and circumstances, giving you the potential to change your course for the future. If you are willing to take the necessary steps to get yourself out of your rut and take back control of your life, you will find great support within this book. Author Tracey Walker has helped transform the lives for many people – of all ages – with anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobia’s, cravings, childhood trauma and victims of domestic violence.


At no point in my life had I ever made any decisions for myself. It had always been my parents, my teachers and now, my boyfriend, who were the decision-makers in my life. I just did what I was told and when. This set me up for what was around the corner…

Invest in yourself now!

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and transform your life?
Now is the time to say “yes” to your future success.

This is your life, so don’t let it pass you by. Take a chance and make the most of it. I believe my book can help you do just that. It may have what you have been looking for to change your life.

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