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Learn how to unleash your best life and discover what is possible working with a Life Mastery Consultant.

Life Mastery Consultant

“Accelerate your success with tried and tested programs over 40 years.”

We hear so much about mental health today. Everyone from sports people to business leaders, ordinary workers, parents and children are struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

What if you could tap into your own internal power to take control of your life’s outcomes for the better? Imagine creating a vision of what your life could truly look like, learn how to step into that life with your imagination. What would that feel like? Well now you can, through our reliable, repeatable and tried and tested programs.


“Take the first step into your newfound greatness with a consultant that is passionate and supportive.”

Tracey Walker, Life Mastery Consultant, can guide you through a self-discovery process. Together, you can explore your own true purpose and passion.

Invest in yourself and find your true self. Learn what is possible when you understand how to harness the power within. Trust in your abilities, enhanced through the processes and modality provided through our proven courses.

Let It Begin With You

"My Client Found Her Wings"

Watch the video to see how the foundation program DreamBuilder supported Tracey's client to take flight.

Tracey has a vast array of life experience as a Life Mastery Consultant. Call Tracey for a 15 min no obligation chat.

Transformational Proven Life Changing Programs

”Step out of your comfort zone and do things in a different way.”

Work with Turning Point 4 U and you’ll see what is possible. You can make long-lastingchanges in your life and improve the way you see the world.

Monthly FREE Vision Workshop

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and achieve extraordinary results? Look no further than our FREE Vision Workshop. In this transformative session, we will reveal the 3 keys to accelerating your results and help you discover your true dream or purpose.

Imagine a life where fear, doubt, and worry no longer hold you back. Picture yourself confidently moving towards your goals with unwavering determination. With our workshop, you can turn this vision into reality.

By attending our workshop, you will gain the tools and strategies needed to achieve greater results with less effort. We will guide you through proven techniques that have helped countless individuals like yourself overcome obstacles and reach new heights of success.

Don't let another day pass by without taking action towards living the life of your dreams. Join us at our FREE Vision Workshop and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and limitless possibilities. Reserve your spot now and start accelerating your results today!

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DreamBuilder Program

DreamBuilder Program is the foundation program to help you understand the underlying principles and practices to guide your journey of self discovery, passion and purpose. You’ll learn the skills to move into alignment with your vision and learn how to become a vibrational match with your dream. Once you’ve mastered this stage, you can step into the VIP programs.


VIP Programs

For those seeking to continuously improve and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential, we offer VIP Programs, following completion of the DreamBuilder Program*.
*DreamBuilder course is a prerequisite for the VIP programs


Life Mastery Program

Life Mastery Program. This program will empower you to change your life by helping to develop mastery in six key areas of your life:

  • Intention
  • Health
  • Abundance
  • Manifestation
  • Love
  • Transformation

This unique and powerful personal development program provides the essential support for growing the life you want to live. Change your thinking, Change your life!


Working with the Law

Working with the Law. This process will help you discover the power to create your dream life. The invisible laws of the universe are as real as the laws of gravity, electricity or thermodynamics. When we become aware of them, we are able to work in harmony with them to create the life we want.


Into Your Genius

Into Your Genius. This program will teach how to stop misusing your power and create a life that you would truly love. This course offers a very structured and careful process to channel your energies into positive actions.

You will learn key points and principles, and then follow them up with specific action steps. We’ve seen participants achieve amazing results in their lives after completing the course.

Not convinced? Let me share Jane’s story with you…

Jane was rather sceptical of the DreamBuilder program and thought she would be wasting her time and money. As Jane reflected on her life, she recognised it was imbalanced. While Jane was successful in some areas, she was not satisfied and unhappy in others. Jane tried to work towards her dreams but was stuck on her initial ideas. Jane procrastinated and worried about what people thought. After a time, Jane realised she needed help and guidance.

“The DreamBuilder program gave Jane the tools to overcome struggles, and the confidence to act and achieve her dreams.”

Jane committed to the 12-week DreamBuilder course. Working through each stage with Tracey Walker, she became more self- aware of her thoughts and emotions. Jane now looks at things with a fresh perspective and new inspiration. She can now see the positive opportunities available and a path towards her future life.

Jane is extremely grateful. She is a DreamBuilder; surrounded by a community of like-minded people to support her.


Client Testimonials

“You got to try and reach for the stars or try to achieve the unreachable.” -Cathy Freeman
Coaching & Program FAQs

Coaching & Program FAQs

  • Can I select any program first?

    No, the VIP programs follow the completion of the foundation program DreamBuilder. The program Standing Firm is used for people who are facing a sudden loss of a loved one, divorce or a situation that has impacted their life. 

  • Why should I work with you over someone else?

    Most of us only use 1-4% of our conscious thinking. Through this program we can expand our minds and tap into our full potential. Tracey Walker has been using this philosophy for over 30 years. She has taught her son that his power comes from within. Tracey is a firm believer in applying the tools she has learnt to improve her own life and has worked through the program several times. It’s this insight and knowledge that she passes onto her clients.

  • What is DreamBuilder?

    It is a structured program that has been tried and tested over 40 years. DreamBuilder will guide you through a process of principles to create awareness of our true core values and how you can use this new awareness to create a new life.

  • Can I have the program without your coaching.

    No. The coaching definitely adds extra value to help you understand the process and principles of the program. Again, what you know comes from your conscious thinking. A coach can help to explore your subconscious thinking.

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