Childhood Imprints

Tracey Walker | 3rd Oct

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain situations in a particular way?

It’s because of the powerful imprints from our childhood that shape our subconscious mind. These imprints, if left unaddressed, can continue to create reactions within us throughout our lives.

Imprints are deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that we acquire during our early years. They can be formed through experiences, interactions, and observations in our family, school, and society. These imprints become part of our subconscious mind, which is responsible for 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

If we want to gain clarity on why we react the way we do and break free from negative patterns, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be a powerful tool. EFT helps us tap into the root causes of these imprints and release them from our subconscious mind.

By using EFT techniques such as Tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on the issue at hand, we can bring awareness to these childhood imprints and clear them out. This process allows us to gain a deeper understanding of where these reactions truly come from and empowers us to make conscious choices rather than being driven by unconscious programming.

If you find yourself reacting in ways that don’t align with your true desires or values, consider exploring the power of EFT to uncover and clear your childhood imprints. By doing so, you can create a more harmonious inner landscape and live a life that is guided by your authentic self.


Thank you for the Matrix Reimprinting you did with me. In fact, it opened me up for more work that I needed to do and I’ve gained a deep understanding of the power of those relationships and associations and the way I have dealt with conflict as a result of those earlier experiences.

I want to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you. I didn’t expect to go the path I did; however, I know fully it was so necessary and good for my wellbeing to work through that stuff.

Linda M

Dismissing these reactions will only hinder your growth and fulfilment of the life you would love.

The childhood imprints have a lasting impact on our lives, shaping our beliefs, behaviours, and experiences. It is crucial to acknowledge that these imprints continue to influence us even as adults. However, the true empowerment lies in understanding and addressing them.

Attempting to navigate the complexities of childhood imprints alone can be challenging. That’s were working with a skilled practitioner comes into play. By collaborating with a practitioner, you gain access to their expertise in delving into the deeper layers of your consciousness.

Through this process, you can tap into places, events, reactions, and experiences that may have been inaccessible to your conscious thinking – which typically operates within the limited range of 1-4%. By exploring these hidden aspects of yourself under the guidance of a practitioner, you open up new possibilities for growth and transformation.

By dismissing childhood imprints as insignificant or inconsequential, we deny ourselves the opportunity for personal development. Embracing them with curiosity and working alongside a practitioner allows us to uncover valuable insights and release any negative patterns that may be holding us back.

Remember: understanding your childhood imprints is not about dwelling on the past; it’s about gaining clarity in order to create a more fulfilling present and future.

Reach out for support. I would love to help you be the best version of yourself.

You deserve that!

Let me help you find your wings.

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