Acceptance of EFT is coming!

Tracey Walker | 12th Apr

EFT is going through the last stages of acceptance right now says Associate Professor Peta Stapleton, Bond University Australia.

EFT has previously met the criteria for evidence-based research (according to the APA) – it is currently being updated against the new criteria (in 2022) by Associate Professor Peta Stapleton.

Some key milestones include:

  • 2019 Blue Knot Foundation for (trauma) includes EFT in PTSD clinical guidelines in Australia
  • 2020 EFT approved under the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) for therapy in Australia
  • 2020 Australian Psychological Society features EFT during National Psychology Week as emerging approach for pain. 
  • 2020 APA jounal (USA) published EFT cortisol replication study
  • 2020 A major review of psychological treatments for PTSD – Energy psychology (combined somatic/cognitive therapies) was the 2nd most effective at reducing PTSD symptoms at the end of treatment to waitlist (after EMDR which was found to be most effective)
  • Further, energy psychology had the greatest cost savings over no treatment, followed by EMDR, trauma-focused CBT and then other treatments. 
  • 2018 – NICE (UK) acknowledge body of EFT research, deem it worth of government funding and in economic modelling indicated it was highly cost effective
  • 2018 – EFT has been approved as ‘generally safe” by the US Veterans Administration

The research also support large to very large effect sizes for depression, anxiety and somatic symptoms. 

EFT changes people lives for the better.

This is what Patricia said after doing some tapping sessions:

Before knowing about and learning how to use EFT, I would get in a rut at times, going over and over annoying or concerning issues.
With the help of EFT it has added to my ability to recover from my angst and acquire a calm and peace that is pleasing to me and the way I prefer to be.

EFT is a most useful tool helping me instantly deal with perplexing or concerning issues where I desire to have a clear mind as I sort through the matter at hand.
 I want to say a big “THANK YOU” Tracey for your devotion to helping me

If you would like to discuss how I can help you feel calm and more in control book a time to discuss your situation with me.

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