All Things Are Possible

Tracey Walker | 12th Mar

When you have a tried and tested program and a coach who is passionate about her clients and brings 30 years of life experience to support and guide a clients success.

Anything is possible!

I am so honoured and proud of a client who made the decision to signed up to DreamBuilder.

The transformation is amazing!

Here is Her Story

I started my DreamBuilder journey in August 2020 and I was going through the most challenging period I ever experienced. I was going through a separation. I had no family around and have very few friends. This is the first time in my 32 years of life that I am living alone which made me so anxious about my life. I didn’t look and feel good in my skin, lacked confidence and full of worry and resentments.

I used to believe that I can figure out everything by myself. I wanted to change my life, the way I look, the way I think, be more confident and be hopeful about the future. But I had no clue how to begin and then seen on Facebook about a free vision workshop and it was also recommended by someone I knew.

I was inspired but not 100% sure and a little skeptical about investing my money and time in this program. I am now so grateful that I made the decision to invest in ME.

The 12-week journey was a commitment of the process. At first it was difficult to get used to doing the meditations and the life work but with Tracey’s support and guidance this program works if you work it. Coming together with Tracey every week was very helpful to stay on track and get clarity for my dream. I started looking at the things happening in my life with an open mind.

When I started this program, I was full of disappointments and holding resentments and blame. I realized that I had no love towards myself, didn’t care about my health and well-being. I was existing.

The DreamBuilder course opened my mind to the things I must be grateful for, and I became more positive. I started believing that every challenge brings an opportunity to grow and over time I started letting go of resentments. Learning the fundamentals of DreamBuilding slowly turns them into a daily practice. I built confidence in stepping outside of my comfort zone and take the opportunities that came my way.

The DreamBuilding course taught me the most important thing, it is not what you are getting at the end but who you become on the journey.

It is a process!

Health and Wellbeing

I was always a hardworking student who was so focused on academic milestones. I used to believe that when I get a degree and find a good job all the other things would come together. I hardly paid attention to my health and wellbeing. I thought I was doing just fine in that area and that is enough. Through the blueprinting phase of my dreams, I realised that I’m lagging in physical strength and discontent with my appearance. This course opened my mind towards investing for good health and wellbeing. I started small by taking 10,000 steps a day. After being consistent with this habit for one month, I felt that I can commit to an exercise routine and got more excited about exploring options. DreamBuilder taught me the value of accountability partners in this journey and staying connected with my coach seen me drop two dress sizes and feeling stronger than my twenty-year-old self. I am loving the way I look and more confident in my own skin.


I thought I was settled after getting my degree and finding a career that aligned with my qualifications, and I had nothing more to explore in that area.

Again, the DreamBuilder course opened my mind to more possibilities where I can have more freedom and make an impact.

I realised I need to step outside my comfort zone in communication to reach my career goals. Even though it felt so out of my comfort zone, I decided to take on opportunities that came my way without letting my fears dominate me. I started with the faith that I can learn the necessary skills along the way and be a good leader. I considered every challenging task as an opportunity to grow.

I wanted to be more independent and have flexibility in my career. I dreamt to be able to give my service from anywhere in the world. However, I had to go half-time in my full-time employment and register a business which was totally outside my comfort zone. I had to choose between the convenience and my dream. With the confidence, faith I developed from the DreamBuilder program, I took that opportunity. Today I’m proud of my decisions, how I stepped outside my comfort zone and faced my fears and doubt. I’m more open to refine my career dreams and take new opportunities.​​


After the separation and starting to live alone, I got a considerable amount of free time for myself. Rather than being a victim of loneliness, the lessons from DreamBuilder course made me embrace that freedom. I use that freedom to connect with myself deeply, identifying my likes and dislikes, finding out what really matters and spent time for self-care. I used this freedom to make new friends, get new experiences and to travel. I got the financial independence and ability to donate to a cause that is close to my heart more. My new career path expanded and the time and money freedom and flexibility and it opened doors to engage in activities that I really enjoy such as travelling.


When I was starting my DreamBuilder journey, I had this limited mindset that I’m not good in relationships. I was hurt and full of resentments. The DreamBuilder course taught me the importance of letting go and forgiving. It took time to heal after my separation, but the program was the therapy that helped me to find myself again. I still feel sad and feel down sometimes, but now I have the tools to bounce back quickly. I realised that I need to love myself and have a good relationship with myself first before expecting it from someone else. I started loving ME, appreciating ME, and being grateful and proud of who I am, and the things I have already achieved. Slowly I made new friendships that made me happy and brought comfort to my life. Now I feel I’m ready for a new relationship and feeling hopeful and excited about what is ahead of me.

What I can say is there is no doubt that starting DreamBuilder was one of the best decisions in my life. This program helped me grow in all four areas of my life. I’m sure it will continue to support me as I create more dreams. One of the best lessons I learnt is to enjoy the journey and who you become in the process. I understand that there can be setbacks, but I never fail until I quit. These setback are the feedback which show me a better direction. The DreamBuilder course made me a resilient, open-minded, and grateful person.

I am so grateful that I met Tracey and have been doing the DreamBuilder program which gifted me life long tools to build my dream life.

If you would like to explore your “Dream” then reach out and let us take this journey together.

Thank you Tracey

Let It Begin With You!

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