Bullying & Intimidation

Tracey Walker | 1st Oct

Mental Health is so very prevalent at this time with COVID and all the lockdowns.

As an employer, have you considered and reviewed your mental health and wellbeing policy and procedures for your employees. These are written and tucked away because these are a legal requirements. The question is, is it truly workable for your employee’s mental health and wellbeing?

My experience is a resounding “NO.”

I had worked for an organisation for over twenty years and never had to use this policy until a bully and intimidation incident happened. My reports fell on deaf ears, personally speaking to administration had very little impact. I was not offered any resources and if I wanted to know anything about any processes it was up to me to find them for myself. I struggled on doing my job without the support and understanding of what was happening to me within this organisation. I was told what resources were available to me from an outside party, after the fact which it was too late, the damage was done. 

I stepped away from that profession and went on sick leave. Then the blame game started that it was my fault even though I have prided myself in following the organisations policies even when I was continually told by others to not worry about it. This is not who I am. I have my own standards and ethics that I work by which has held me in very good stead until this incident.

I was not given any option other than the mainstream system which I had no choice other than to follow. I found myself more traumatised by this process.  Having to go to these regular counselling and psychology sessions which caused me more anxiety and panic attacks and I found myself totally isolated at home not wanting to leave the house and completely exhausted after a session. It would take days to recover and was not able to do anything other than lay on the lounge for days at a time.

It didn’t matter how much I stated that this is doing me more harm it continued to fall on deaf ears. I still had to follow the systems processes right to the end. It was a roller coaster ride I should never had to be put through.

Prior to going out on sick leave I had been studying alternate therapies which in the end helped me more than the mainstream trauma I was put through. It was my programs that helped me to move forward to eventually clear all of that trauma to live a wonderful life helping others to overcome their fears, anxiety, trauma to be able to live out in the world more empowered.

As an employer, I would ask you to review your mental health and wellbeing policy and offer your employees a choice of mainstream or alternate therapies.

We are all different! We all deserve to be treated with respect by giving employees a choice for their own mental health and wellbeing.

I hope I have opened your mind that there are many ways to support employees.

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