Grace’s Why!

Tracey Walker | 23rd Aug

My why has been about serving others. I felt I “should do” the honourable thing and serve. 

All the while there has been a familiar undertone of “what about me”?

Grace’s Story

The image Grace had during our Matrix Reimprinting session was of Father, Grandmother, Mother and herself, as a little girl, knowing that her wants did not matter, and feeling shameful for wanting self, selfish, secondary. Grace realised her why was holding herself back.

Based on should!

Grace’s Now, Her Why

Through the program, Grace learnt that life is For Grace, About Grace, The life she can create for herself, and who she can become in the process. 

Grace’s story is not unique because I am sure many have felt these feelings. Yet, the majority of people dismiss them. Grace had the courage to work with me to explore her unconscious thoughts and discovered something amazing about herself which explains so many choices she has made in her life up until now. 

​​Grace has a choice now because she has the awareness and insight to create a new story for herself and her future.

Knowing Your Now

Understanding your why, is not about anything you must do or should do. It is not about someone else. It is not about the impact you create in the world, “because the world needs me” and I can help and serve others to live greater lives by me being ME.

Instead its about being:

  • My authentic self.
  • Love who I am.
  • Respect who I am who I am becoming

If you would like to explore your “Why” then reach out and let us take this journey together.

I have a passion to support people to succeed.

Let It Begin With You!

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